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Set the foundation
to your performances

your dreams

Aim High

Believe in
your dreams

to sound different

It’s all about

Partner of your

your audience

the music

the rhythm

your goals

without boundaries

Get ready
to entertain

We’re ambitious
to make you shine

the music

with elegance

Believe in
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Votre signature artistique - Unisons

We also mix for
artistic swimming & gymnastics

Proud to create
for the next gen

Proud to create
for the next gen

Skate to music
that moves your soul

your goals

La musique est la toile de fond de vos performances - Hugo Chouinard

We design
for all levels

Show your

your fans

the moment

Let the music
transcend you

Cutting edge

your determination

of your passion


Stand out
with unique composing 

cool synchro mixes

the moment


Proud to create
for the next gen

the music

Proud to be
part of your team

your audience

We have
the tools

Perform better
score higher!

La fondation de votre chorégraphie - Unisons

The canvas to your


51 athletes from 14 countries


This Olympic journey started for us in February 2020, when the first athletes contacted us with their preliminary concepts. In a wonderful collaboration, we developed and refined the montages and compositions until adjusted to perfection. It's musical haute couture and with it, you've created masterpieces. We are excited to see the fruits of your hard work and we will not miss a moment of your performances. You are our source of inspiration. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share the ascension towards this ultimate moment. Our hearts are with you. Hugo & Karl


∎∎∎ for ALL levels ∎∎∎
also specialized in
artistic swimming
and gymnastics


To find the perfect music

Music Editing

Harmonious and flowing transitions


Sky's the limit!

Sound Mastering

Making it sound loud and proud

Thank you so much Hugo! You are simply the best!!! we enjoy working with you very much.
The music is perfect! Thanks so much for everything.
Katherine Uchida
Thanks Hugo for fixing up my musics and turning them into great quality pieces.
Sophie Crane
Huge thank you for the amazing music!
Alicia Fabbri & Paul Ayer
I can’t describe in words how much I love your music.
Kimmy Repond
A big thank you Hugo for your quality work on our programs music. It is always a pleasure to create masterpieces with you.
Adelina Galyavieva & Louis Thauron
Thank you Hugo for all the programs!
Yuna Kim
Thank you so much Hugo! From single to pair skating, you always have been there to help me (& us) with your amazing work. An honour for me to have worked with THE BEST!
Valentina Marchei
I want to thank you for both of my musics this year! They were such two masterpieces and two of my most favorite programs! You did an amazing job and I loved skating to them. They mean Universe to me!
Lubov Ilyushechkina
For me the music is the heart of the program. My requests are often unclear and half crazy and it could be a challenge to make a 2,50 or 4,10 piece of music perfect. Hugo Can! I want to create different kind of choreographies every year. Hugo makes it possible. Helsinki Rockettes is so proud to have Hugo as their music magician.
Kaisa Arrateig
That’s why he’s the best in the game, the music maestro, you know his name. Hugo Chouinard on the decks, hear him mix that track. Every beat in key, he’s got your back.
Milena Todaro
We love sharing ideas and seeing our music take shape in your studio. Hugo is the best at always making sure each piece of music sounds amazing in all the arenas we compete in. Thank you for your hard work and passion!
Laurence Fournier Beaudry & Nikolaj Sorensen
Thank you so much Hugo for your incredible mixes. Performing is so much easier when the music sounds amazing!
Nathan Chen
Gracias Hugo!! We can’t thank you enough for all your help! ❤️💯
Olivia SMART & Adrian DIAZ
Preparing for a competition takes all sorts of mastery. Hugo is by far one of the best. I can’t even remember the number of times I have sent a piece of music with edit notes that probably no one else could understand and then getting a reply with the perfect cut of music. He has an ear like no one else and creates pieces of music that become classic programs with signature and custom effects, added notes, and whatever else is needed to make the music perfect. As a skater and as a choreographer, Hugo is my guy.
Adam Rippon
Skating is an art. Every detail is important and will make a difference. Music is part of that whole picture! It is an amazing process to creation and thank you Hugo for having the ability to get into people's head and imagination to create the best!
Nancy Alexander
Thank you so much for helping bring our programs to life with the incredible pieces of music you create for us! We love having you as part of our team!
Kaitlin HAWAYEK & Jean-Luc BAKER
You are the best in the business.
Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford
Thanks for always making time for us listening to our crazy ideas and finding a way to make them happen. We are grateful for you!
Piper Gillies and Paul Poirier
If you think it's musically impossible... ask Hugo
Jean-Marc Généreux
Thank you Hugo!!!!!! You're really the best! Thanks for always working so hard and being so patient with us. It makes such a big difference. Thank you for being a part of our team!!!!!
Maia and Alex Shibutani
Thank you for 10 amazing years of lifting us to great heights!!!!!!!
Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje
Hugo, when I hit the panic button you are always there. Together we’ve been able to create beautiful Masterpieces. Programs where music, choreography and high level skating meet. Program is like a puzzle where all the pieces need to be in the right places. Once done, everyone gets to admire the finished product, but it all starts with the music. Happy to have you in my team, MY MUSIC MASTER!
Anu Oksanen
I have worked with Hugo for over 15 years and he consistently puts an extraordinary amount of care into each one of our Synchro programs. Whether it’s for a Beginner team or a Junior team’s Free Skate, I really appreciate that I can trust him to not stop until it is excellent!
Ashleigh Renard
Hugo has always been one of my best resources as a Skater and now as a Choreographer. He has a great encyclopedia of music but also a wonderful ear. That is so important to me as I believe the most magical skating moments start off with a great piece of music.
Joey Russell
I started working with Hugo 15 years ago and he never ceases to amaze me with what he is able to make happen! Hugo is able to bring my musical visions to life and create masterpieces. He loves what he does and that passion shows through in his impeccable work. Hugo thank you for all that you do!
Ben Miller Reisman
Hugo is Brilliant! He is knowledgeable, professional and works tirelessly to ensure that the final outcome of the Music is perfect. His creativity has no limits.
Galit Chait
Your Magic Work always have my back. There’s nothing like taking the ice with confidence knowing you are a full package.
Yuka Sato
Thank you for all the incredible mixes you've done for me, your ability to creatively put music together is inspiring. Looking forward to future projects with you!
Elladj Balde
I have had the wonderful opportunity to trust Hugo to help create music miracles with an ear for quality at the highest level of competitive and show skating. Finding the right fit musically is not always a problem free process but with the help of Hugo and his team, I know there is always a solution.
Patrick Chan
Working with Hugo to choose and edit music for programs is always an exciting collaboration. He understands that the music must evoke an emotional journey. He is willing to keep at it until each subtle nuance is exactly right. He is quick to respond with professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm.
Sandra Bezic
The first time we asked Hugo to edit a music for us, we were amazed about the final result. We have been working with him for several years now…and we have the same feeling every single time. A genius!
Angelika Krylova & Pasquale Camerlengo
We have relied on you for making sure our product has sounded professional and perfect. Thank you for taking great care of us. We couldn't have done it without you!
Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir
Phillips Mills
I so appreciate how easy you are to work with. Hugo you have constructed so many amazing edits for me over the years that I couldn't possibly pick one as my favorite. Your creativity and craftsmanship is impressive. I look forward to many more years of working with you.
Phillip Mills
Shae Bourne
Hugo is brilliant! I'm most impressed with his passion for music and creative mind. He takes on every project with enthusiasm and turns the music he touches into a masterpiece.
Shae-Lynn Bourne
Scott Brown
It all starts with you! Hugo, you are a creative artist and a master at what you do. Thank you for sharing your gift with so many. You are extraordinary! You inspire me to be my best.
Scott Brown
From the search through the editing process, Hugo is a gifted professional and his flare for artistry shines as an invaluable part of the creative process for my work.
David Wilson
Thanks for all the great music and amazing work!
Ravi Walia
Elise Marcotte M.Sc, Olympienne 2008-2012, Médaillée des Championnat du monde, Entraineure - Artistic Swim Academy
I have been working with Hugo since 2008, from being an athlete to being a coach and a professional, Hugo's skills always amazed me. Not only he is knowledgeable and creative, he also is extremely fun to work with. As a choreograph, you often start with an idea and not necessarily being able to express what you want, Hugo can figure out how the music can portray the emotion that you are trying to get to.
Elise Marcotte
Marylin Langlois
Hugo is passionate about music and skating. I head to his studio every season excited share, and elaborate on new concepts. The work he does is vital to the success of our teams. His desire to push limits makes us move out of our comfort zone. We share a common goal to make our sport evolve. Our teamwork is fun, collaborative, and innovative. Thank you for pushing my creativity every year.
Marilyn Langlois
Julie Marcotte
Hugo has the capacity of understanding and capturing my ideas. He always knows what direction to bring them in order to maximize them. He breathes life into all my ideas and concepts. If he ever leaves his profession, I will have to retire!
Julie Marcotte

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